A modern office features a rounded desk with contemporary gray bookshelves with a filing system and part of a black couch.

When seeking used office furniture in PA, office managers may not realize that, in addition to furniture, they can also purchase used office equipment. For over three decades, Commerce Office Furniture has been helping companies just like yours find quality, brand-name, used office furniture, used office equipment, and more—at affordable prices—with the convenience and customer service you deserve. 

Five Used Office Equipment Items That May Have Escaped Your Radar

As office managers goes down their list of used furniture items they’ve purchased: cubicles, desks, tables, and seating, they can happily check off the much-needed staples of a new or renovated office space. Despite this accomplishment, what about other necessary office items—a fridge for the breakroom, bookcases for the boss, and an Egan board for the conference room? If only these items could be purchased alongside the major-office staples. With COF, they can!

At COF, we understand that office managers are short on time and long on responsibilities. In addition to brand-name used office furniture, manufactured by notable names like Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Teknion, we also supply businesses of all shapes and sizes with additional used office equipment. Our goal is to make shopping for used office equipment as easy, stress-free, and cost-effective as possible.

Whether you’re an office manager looking for used office furniture in King of Prussia, PA or used office furniture in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding areas, we likely have what you need! Take a look at five examples of used office equipment available in our COF warehouse: 

  1. Three women of varying ethnicities are chatting in an office kitchen area, surrounded by breakroom office equipment.Bookshelves 

Bookshelves, as many office managers know and appreciate, are not only beneficial for added storage, but also for showcasing company awards, accolades, and mementos. At COF, we have a variety of bookshelves of different sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of your particular office environment. 

  1. Eagan Boards

The dry erase board has remained a useful and important fixture in many modern office conference rooms. An Eagan Board, while still housing a dry erase board and tack space, can be cleverly concealed when not in use. 

  1. Refrigerators

While appliances may not initially come to mind when purchasing used office furniture, if there’s ever something your employees need—it’s the breakroom or office kitchen refrigerator. Office managers can purchase a used, stainless steel refrigerator for a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

  1. Filing Systems

Almost every company needs a filing system (or several), and the COF warehouse has plenty from which to choose. Lateral, vertical, and mobile filing systems are only a sampling of our available inventory. 

  1. Reception-Area Fixtures

Even office spaces that utilize only a virtual receptionist opt for a welcome or waiting area. A receptionist desk, seating, and tables can help provide an err of professionalism and warmth for customer and client interactions. 

Your One-Stop Shopping Experience for Used Office Equipment For Sale

Office managers on a quest to find used office furniture in Philadelphia encounter a pleasant surprise when they learn that Commerce Office Furniture carries a wide selection of quality, brand-name used office equipment. And, better yet, while COF’s corporate partnerships ensure a plentiful and diverse inventory of used office products, our expert team offers several helpful services to make the process as seamless as possible.

At COF you can have your furniture delivered, installed, and office managers can take advantage of our free CAD layout and design service! Whatever your used office equipment and furniture needs, COF is ready to help! Set up a consultation or call us directly at 610-650-9950 to get started.