For many businesses hit hard by the pandemic, being strategic with budgetary needs is more important than ever. And, what about newer small businesses and startups who are just beginning? They often have tight financial restraints, regardless of a worldwide pandemic. Yet, despite the desperate need for cost savings, all businesses with an office need furniture.

At Commerce Office Furniture (COF), we understand the challenges companies face in this current climate. We continue to remain committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to save by offering plentiful, quality preowned office furniture. When office and facilities managers seek used office furniture in Philadelphia, we offer the following seven reasons to help ensure their investment is worthwhile.

Seven Benefits of Purchasing Used Office Furniture in PA

Two female small business owners look at laptop and discuss how to save money on preowned office furniture. Whether you are an office manager shopping for preowned office furniture in Philly or used office furniture in NJ, COF is committed to helping you make the process as beneficial, convenient, and stress-free as possible by providing the following:

  • Brand names

COF is nationally-recognized for offering high-quality, brand-name, preowned office furniture. We routinely carry brand names such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, and more.

  • Quality

Here’s that word again—quality. We use this descriptor freely and frequently because we strive to ensure that our clients receive gently-used, brand name cubicles, desks, seating, and everything else they need for their workspace. And, we want these office staples to stand the test of time.

  • Selection

Scarcity” can be a very real thing when it comes to some resale office furniture companies, but not at COF. Our long-standing relationships with local businesses enable us to continually stock our warehouse with a diverse selection of preowned office furniture.

  • Affordable

As we mentioned earlier, we understand and value the need for companies to honor their budgetary needs. Our wide used office furniture inventory enables our customers to purchase brand-name, quality furniture at a fraction of the cost (compared with brand new furniture).

  • Expertise

COF has been serving businesses for upwards of 30 years, providing exceptional products and services.

  • Professional Delivery and Installation

As part of our dedication to reducing the hassle facilities and office managers often face when purchasing office furniture, we offer professional delivery and installation services to make the process more convenient.

  • FREE CAD Layout

Figuring out how to organize and design office furniture is often added pressure for busy office managers. At COF, we offer complimentary CAD design and layout to help your office get the most utility and functionality from your office furniture.

More Benefits, Best Customer Service, Optimal Savings

Whether you have been searching for used office furniture in the Philadelphia suburbs,

or used office furniture in King of Prussia PA, we are here to help you explore the advantages, savings, and excellent customer service available by partnering with COF.

Book a FREE consultation now with one of our friendly, knowledgeable COF team members. Or, call any time at 610-650-9950.