Office Furniture Liquidation Sales Offer Incredible Variety and Value With Remarkable Benefits

Quality Options that Meet Your Budget

One common misconception about purchasing used office furniture is that the reduced cost means reduced variety and lower quality. In reality this couldn’t be much further from the truth. Commerce Office Furniture provides an incredible range of options from popular manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Kimball, and many more. For a fraction of the retail price, used office cubicle liquidation lets businesses select, plan, and purchase office cubicles tailored to their needs.

Unmatched Efficiency Setting Up Your Space

Whether you’re a business or a private buyer, if you’ve ever had new furniture delivered, you know that it can take up to six weeks to arrive. For comparison, used furniture liquidators can often deliver those same products in a matter of days. Even better, Commerce Office Furniture provides free CAD workspace planning services, allowing you to determine exactly what you need and where it will go ahead of time. Eliminating the waiting means more productivity and better results for your business.

Moving Into a New Space is Only Half the Battle, Office Furniture Liquidation Can Help

There is one thing most businesses don’t realize when downsizing, reorganizing, or relocating: decommissioning old furniture is expensive. In fact, office furniture liquidation can make up a major portion of the relocation budget. Many contracts contain a ‘broom clean’ requirement, holding the renter responsible for removing all company items in the space. Because of this cost, there are plenty of convincing reasons to choose a used office cubicle liquidation service.

Making the Move-Out Simple and Easy

Hiring a quality removal service means complete removal services for cubicles, case goods, chairs, files, and conference room furniture from any size building. Rather than hiring movers and cleaners separately, sourcing the work from a single service is a far superior option. This saves significant time and leaves you to focus on the logistics of handling a major transition.

Reducing Overhead with Liquidation Sales

If you purchased high-quality office furniture, you may be in luck. The furniture market continues to grow year after year, and budget-conscious businesses are constantly looking for ways to secure name-brand cubicles at an affordable price. Due to this demand, office liquidation services will pay you for your used office furniture, helping to offset the cost of the transition.

More Benefits for Your Business

Commerce Office Furniture (COF) offers incredible value with top-quality options, removal services, and free CAD workplace layout design. Get started now by taking advantage of a no-fee consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable COF team members. Or, call any time at 610-650-9950.