Two coworkers wearing protective facemasks are socially distanced between work areas in a modern office.

When trends for 2020 office design and layout emerged at the close of 2019 (and beginning of the year), no one could have predicted a worldwide pandemic would change the entire office-design landscape. But, as many recent publications have confirmed, the way office spaces are designed moving forward—not only in 2021 but beyond—will likely be completely different.

Although social distancing may require changes in the workplace, these alterations don’t have to equate to something negative. In fact, this time of transition invites imagination and creativity. And, office managers can find that while being tasked with redesigning spaces, they can also save significantly by incorporating used office furniture. We’ll show you exactly how!

How Used Office Furniture in PA Can Help You Re-Imagine Your Workplace

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, many office managers have been assigned the responsibility of reconfiguring workspaces. This often means making sure that workstations and desks are spaced six feet apart, as are the chairs in the conference room, and that gathering spots (like breakrooms and rest areas) are also partitioned.

At Commerce Office Furniture (COF), we understand the challenges businesses face with adapting to these newer safety protocols. We have remained committed to helping local companies searching for used office furniture near me find and incorporate social-distancing office products and quality used furniture to help save money.

We have a wide selection of used cubicles, desks, conference tables, and more that are conducive to helping create safe and affordable office designs. These furniture staples are often available for a fraction of what they would cost brand new. And, the social-distancing products we have help offices to remain modern and relevant, not just safe.

Here are three ways our design team is helping local businesses re-imagine their office layout:

  • Privacy Wing Panels With Used Cubicles

Privacy wing panels can be used in tandem with desks, cubicles, and cubicle panel systems to help keep employees protected. They come in a variety of height options and can be fixed or moveable.

  • Workstation Screens and Used Cubicle Panel Systems

Made of clear or frosted acrylic that’s easy to clean and disinfect, our workstation screens also come in a variety of colors (to brighten and lighten any office atmosphere). And, they provide protection between cubicle workstations and can be utilized with most existing cubicle panel systems.

  • Terrace Panels and Used Desks

Arced wing, linear wing, and full-desk terrace panels come in a variety of colors and materials. With both permanent and removable mounting options, they offer superior workspace-to-workspace protection.

Our Design Team is Here to Help

This is simply a small sampling of how COF is helping companies seeking used office furniture in Philadelphia to find solutions to social-distancing space-design needs. Our experts are available to assist local businesses of all shapes and sizes to create safe and functional work environments by offering FREE space planning.

We encourage you to reach out today for any questions at 610-650-9950 or to set up a consultation with a COF team member.