An attractive female employee walks by a sleek desk in a modern office; a male employee sits at a desk in the background.

Office managers know their logistics. Most can recite, on-demand, the number of employees in the office, how many workstations are needed, when the next office supply shipment arrives, and more. But, when it comes to the benefits and advantages of used office furniture, how do office and facilities managers measure up in their knowledge?

We invite all office, facilities, and property managers to take a short quiz to test their used office furniture knowledge. In the process, learn more about why Commerce Office Furniture is the premier provider of used office furniture in Philadelphia.

Take a Five Question Used Office Furniture Quiz

The good news is: your business is growing! Now your office is in need of more furniture. Used office furniture has richly benefited many expanding office spaces, relocation’s, mergers and acquisitions, and more—but let’s test your knowledge!

  1. A modern office depicts an open work concept with open desk seating and natural light. Purchasing Used Office Furniture Can Save You:
  • More than 50% off of office furniture
  • Around 20% off of new office furniture
  • Beats me!

Answer: “a.” Buying used cubicles, desks, conference tables, and chairs are often 50% lower in cost than brand new furniture.

  1. Used Office Furniture Comes in Brand Names:
  • False
  • True

Answer: “b.” True! At COF we carry a plentiful and varied inventory of brand name used office furniture PA office managers have come to rely upon. This includes Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion.

  1. Inventory of Used Office Furniture is typically:
  • Slim and unsatisfactory
  • Mediocre and often “hit-and-miss”
  • Plentiful (depending on the wholesaler/retailer)

Answer: “c.” COF is the preferred source for used office furniture in PA and NJ due to our robust inventory of used office cubicles, desks, conference tables, and more. Our corporate partnerships ensure a steady stream of quality used furniture to our 25,000 square foot warehouse and showroom. 

  1. Purchasing Used Office Furniture is Often:
  • A hassle as delivery and installation is often DIY
  • Affordable and convenient with delivery, installation and design/layout options 
  • Beneficial in terms of cost, but otherwise laborious in terms of logistics

Answer: “b.” While “a” and “c” may be true in some cases, COF offers delivery and installation services, as well as a FREE space planning consultation

  1. Commerce Office Furniture is:
  • Nationally-recognized as a leader in selling quality preowned office furniture
  • The premier choice of used office furniture Norristown PA office managers choose
  • Known for its friendly service, variety of used office furniture inventory, and comprehensive services
  • All of the Above

Answer: “d.” And in this case, “d” stands for definitely all of the above!

Quiz Summary: How Do We Measure Up?

It’s not so much about how you measure up on a used office furniture quiz, it’s about how well COF meets the mark for your needs as an office manager. At COF we strive to make the purchase, delivery, installation, and space planning of used office furniture as seamless and affordable as possible. 

To get started, schedule a consultation now or call us any time at 610-650-9950.