Modern office filled with natural light, contemporary furniture, and moveable gray partition walls enclosing workspace.

With the pandemic beginning to subside, many facilities and office managers are getting excited about helping prepare offices and workstations for the return of their employees. As employers adjust to different types of work models, such as hybrid and part-time work schedules—they are finding new ways to design workspaces for ultimate design appeal and functionality.

In an effort to help these companies get the looks they want, Commerce Office Furniture is proud to provide high-quality used office furniture. Our affordable, brand-name options are perfect for all types of workstations and spaces.

Try These 5 Office Furniture Design Trends (Without Breaking the Bank)

Quality used office furniture can easily be used to accommodate the latest design styles and trends, including these five options:

  1. Office with blue cubicle workstations, black chairs, and large picture windows.Less wall, more light. We’ve had several office managers looking for used office furniture in Philadelphia that came to us looking to make their office environments more open and airy. One of the ways we suggest they accomplish this is by integrating cubicle workstations. Because cubicles can vary in partition-wall heights and widths—opposed to permanent walls—it enables freedom of design and allows you to modify design elements to achieve more natural light.
  2. Touchdown tables. With a rise in workers who spend part of their time in the office and working remotely, many workplaces have used tables, desks, and cubicles as drop-in workstations to accommodate these hybrid-scheduled employees.
  3. Resimercial design. “Resimercial” describes the marriage between residential and commercial design. Many attribute COVID-19 as the influence of the resimercial trend in office spaces. With many people working from home, more personalized work areas—with creature comforts—combined with structured work elements—desk, chair, etc.—have become an increasingly familiar and desirable trend.
  4. Flexible floor plans. If the pandemic taught office managers (and everyone!) anything—it’s the value of flexibility. Rather than static, permanent furniture pieces, we are finding that more and more facility managers are coming to us for used office furniture for sale, such as moveable partition walls, room dividers, and similar transitional pieces. These office items allow freedom and flexibility in design and functionality—well suited to a post-pandemic office world.
  5. Mini-conference areas. Rather than a four-walled conference room with one central table and chairs, businesses are realizing the value in providing smaller breakout rooms and conference areas. These can be constructed out of grouping cubicles together or, integrating reception-area furniture for more relaxed innovation and collaboration hubs.

Get These 5 Looks For Far Less Than Buying Brand New

Whether you’re an office manager looking for used office furniture in Manayunk, Lancaster, or the Greater Philadelphia area, Commerce Office Furniture can help you achieve the design elements above (and others). We have a wide selection of quality used office furniture from brand names such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Kimball, Teknion, Hawthorne, and more from which to choose.

We encourage you to set up a FREE office space design and CAD layout consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable COF team members now. Or, call us at any time at 610-650-9950.