An open, modern workspace features several white tables and desks with black rolling chairs.

Many office managers are familiar with the perks that come with buying used office supplies. Money can be saved and precious time conserved. What may not be so apparent, however, are the many uses that pre-owned furniture can bring to a workspace.

Not only do many local Philadelphia-based businesses choose Commerce Office Furniture for used furniture for sale online, but we also offer several convenient services for office and facilities managers. When it comes to maximizing used office supplies in the workplace, our COF experts offer complimentary consultations and CAD layout and design. There’s a place for every used office item—even the ones you may have forgotten!

Don’t Forget These Five Important Used Office Supplies 

Desks, seating, and conference tables are often at the top of the list when office managers seek 

used furniture stores near me.” What they may not realize is that there are many more used office supplies that will be necessary to form a functioning workspace. 

At COF, we offer a variety of attractive, gently-used furniture items for B2B, startup, and small business environments.

Take a look at five used office supplies many office managers may have forgotten to include in their search for second-hand furniture stores.

  1. Modern white cubicle clusters with desk pedestals are grouped together in a light and open workspace. Sturdy Bookcases

As opposed to bookshelves, bookcases offer much more space to house binders, organizational systems, and reference books. And, interspersed with business-oriented material, bookcases can also showcase industry-leader awards, work-team photos, and decorations to foster a productive and creative environment. 

  1. Matching Desk Pedestals

Storage is often hard to come by in a small desk space or cubicle area. End-cap desk pedestals are an opportunity for flexible added storage that is often overlooked. 

  1. U-Shaped Desks

The advantage of used U-shaped desks, aside from being a fraction of the price of brand-new desks, is their versatility. U-shaped desks are perfect for an executive office or as a reception-area staple. 

  1. Modern Cubicles

One of the hottest trends in workspace design is cubicle clusters. The 78” wide x 42” high Steelcase Enhanced 9000 used office cubicle, for example, lends itself well for low-partition cubicle clusters that foster collaboration. Plus, office managers love the sleek, modern design of these quality, brand-name cubicles. 

  1. Quality Lobby Seating

Desk chairs are often at the top of the list for required office equipment, but what about chairs for the other nooks and crannies of the workplace? B2B office managers can save a bundle on reception and lobby area seating by purchasing used office chairs. 

FREE Consultation With Used Office Furniture Pros

At COF, we offer office managers a prolific inventory of used office furniture and supplies for affordable prices. Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion are simply a few examples of the nationally-recognized brands that we carry. 

If you’ve been searching for used office furniture near me, we hope you’ll consider COF as your provider of the best quality and inventory of new and used office furniture. To get started,  contact us here or call any time at 610-650-9950.