Is there a difference between used and refurbished office items? The answer may not be as clear cut as you think. What is certain is used and refurbished office equipment and furniture have the potential to save money. These choices provide top-quality, brand name staples for an office environment and help you as a business manager achieve the style and functionality you have been working toward.

Used vs. Refurbished Office Items: Is There a Difference?

Many people think the terms “used” and “refurbished” can be used interchangeably. While they’re not entirely wrong, there are often subtle differences. When discussing used office furniture and equipment, what you see is what you get. In other words, there are no inspections conducted on these items, and no warranty is included.

Refurbished office items, on the other hand, are not only inspected but also usually reconditioned to the seller’s standards. Frequently, refurbished office equipment also offers a limited or purchasable warranty, as well as a report regarding the history of the item.

Five Main Categories to Consider When Buying New, Used, or Refurbished Office Equipment

At Commerce Office Furniture, we offer an extensive inventory of used and refurbished office equipment. Not only do we have a solid base of clients who routinely consult our experts for quality, refurbished office items. In addition, we regularly receive office equipment and furniture from companies that downsize and decommission top-grade furniture and equipment.

When buying new, used, or refurbished inventory for your office, consider these five categories:

  • Quality

When considering used vs. refurbished items for office space, make sure you choose quality pieces of furniture and equipment. Buying used and refurbished items will save money, but if the quality is compromised, you won’t get the longevity to make the savings worthwhile.

  • Budget

The price of office equipment is usually the most important factor considered by facilities and property managers. While buying refurbished can significantly reduce hits to the budget, buying new has its cost-saving advantages as well. Consider financial factors (large volume discounts toward tax deductions, the potential cost of added warranties, overhead costs) before making a final decision.

  • Style

Used and refurbished furniture allows for an eclectic feel. At COF, our inventory is so plentiful that you can find matching styles of virtually any type of furniture and equipment—modern, traditional, vintage, you name it. When buying new, one of the disadvantages can be the manpower needed to assemble and construct office items, not to mention significantly higher purchase points.

  • Type

Take an inventory of wants vs. needs. Ensure that your needs list is a priority and try to set a budget accordingly. For example, purchasing refurbished furniture is often less risky than purchasing IT equipment. It’s also important to consider how state-of-the-art your technology needs to be. The less current, the more likely you can get away with purchasing refurbished options.

  • Extras

Not all used furniture and refurbished equipment retailers are created equal. At COF, for example, we offer additional services such as removal, installation, design and more!

Whether you’re simply looking to replace certain items for your office space or need to fill an area from the ground up, Commerce Office Furniture is here to help. Contact our office to get started or call us directly at 610-650-9950.