For too many reasons to list here, the year 2020 has largely been considered “a bust.” While most of us would not say this is “our year,” the cubicle differs. Not only is 2020 the year for used cubicle and used cubicle customization—many office spaces will likely continue to celebrate cubicles as a preferred office-design preference for years to come.

Offices Embrace Used Cubicle Customization For Safety and Creative Solutions

An artist 3D illustration of a clean, modern cubicle workstation with a contemporary desk and office chair. COVID-19 has obviously changed the way we live and interact—and the office landscape has naturally been affected. Even prior to the pandemic, however, businesses have been taking measures to help improve the safety and productivity of their workforce.

Open-workspace design was initially created to encourage collaboration, free-flowing traffic, and more aesthetically desirable work conditions. Unfortunately, research quickly unveiled that these open-work environments invite a slew of problems.

Productivity in open-office layouts, studies revealed, quickly declined as constant distractions, noise, lack of privacy, and absenteeism steadily increased. The latter issue of employees missing work was due to constant close proximity and sharing of office-products and work surfaces—and that was prior to coronavirus!

Now, with the vital need for office social-distancing, safety, and protection—used cubicle customization is the perfect solution. And, while used cubicles help to keep employees safe and separated, property and office managers save money and have an opportunity to get creative in office design—improving functionality, aesthetics, and more.

Three Examples of Contemporary Used Cubicle Customization

In a recent article published by Dezeen, an architectural expert said that “the cubicle will become normal,” post-coronavirus. But, it won’t be the “old cubicle” often seen as drab and oppressive. The contemporary cubicle configurations of today are wildly different—and improved.

Take a look at three creative ways offices are incorporating used cubicles to make attractive, functional, and productive designs:

  • Modernized Cubicle Farms

Gah! Say it isn’t so—cubicle farms?! While the cubicle farms consisting of endless rows of beige and boring cubicles were popular in the 1970s, cubicle farms of the 2000s are (thankfully) much improved and impressive. In fact, more contemporary rows of cubicles often consist of brightly colored, or frosted acrylic-panel systems.

In addition to upping the decor of the office, panel cubicle systems can also vary in height and are easy to clean and disinfect.

  • 120-Degree Desk Cubicles

This cubicle design consists of three cubicle desks arranged in a circular pattern, with panels placed in between. Again, these panels can vary in height, width, and color. This allows employees to customize their area, safely collaborate with coworkers, and easily clean and disinfect their workspaces.

  • Cubicle Clusters

A favorite for many offices, cubicle clusters can be configured into groups of four, six, and eight, as examples. The design places cubicle panel systems back-to-back (imagine a lego block)! Office managers and employers often favor this design because it lends itself to grouping employees by department, areas of expertise, and projects.

Create Your Own Customizable Cubicle Design

At Commerce Office Furniture, we help companies of all shapes and sizes to create the perfect office cubicle designs. And, our wide selection of brand-name, used cubicles allow you conserve costs, while still acquiring high-quality products. We also offer FREE space planning and used cubicle customization design.

Whether you want to adopt one of the three designs above or create a cubicle layout of your own conception, our COF design team is here to help.

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