A female startup business owner makes a plan for office supplies near me to prepare for a new space.

Planning a Search for Office Supplies Near Me (for My New Business)

According to a recent article in Business News Daily, the average cost of a “hypothetical startup company,” is $184,830. This total includes rent, website, payroll (for five employees), advertising/promotion, and basic office supplies. If you notice, one key element is missing—furniture! As many seasoned office managers know, filling an office space with furniture can be […]

A stand-alone, modern cubicle and panel system with a comfortable, black office chair.

Used Office Cubicles Liquidation is Lighting up Offices, Here’s Why!

Used office cubicles liquidation is lighting up offices and the interest of office managers like never before. When purchased brand new, cubicles can be costly. Used office cubicles, however, tell a different story and offer unique benefits. And, the advantages aren’t only available to office managers seeking cubicles, they are also open to businesses seeking […]

An empty modern office houses blue-paneled used office cubicles for liquidation.

Three Reasons NOT to be a Chicken About Investigating Used Office Cubicles Liquidation

Whether you are the office cubicle liquidator or the beneficiary of liquidated office cubicles—you both win! When move consultants and office managers are in need of used office cubicles liquidation services, whether for removal or acquisition, Commerce Office Furniture provides reliable, convenient options at affordable prices.  COF Rules the Roost When it Comes to Used […]