Used Office Chairs and Furniture: Designing the Best Conference Room Ever

Modern conference room with TV behind a presenter, who is talking to business partners around a table.

Conference rooms are essential parts of any office–they are the spaces that facilitate important internal and external meetings. While conference rooms are simple in concept, designing the space and choosing the right furniture is essential. 

Designing a conference room means creating a space that makes a great first impression on clients and enables employees to do their jobs well. Read on to learn more about how you can create a high-performance conference room for less money than you think with used office chairs and furniture.

Styling the Conference Room

Before purchasing conference room furniture, the first step is to figure out its style. Do you want a formal conference room, a casual meeting place, or something in between? 

Often, the conference room style depends on the company culture, industry, and job market where the company operates. If the company is in accounting or banking, the chances are that a more formal style is appropriate. 

On the other hand, a technology company has more leeway with its conference room styles. If a company wants to create a conference room with bean bags in the corners and bright colors on the walls, it can certainly do so. 

Buying the Right Furniture

Because the purpose of a conference room is to meet and discuss, a table is essential. In general, choose the largest table you can to serve as many people as possible in the room without crowding the space.

To fill the space around the table, we recommend investing in high-quality ergonomic office chairs. Not only will they make for a comfortable meeting space, but they can also dress up the room considerably. To reduce the cost of ergonomic chairs, we recommend considering like-new but used office chairs

Lighting is Critical

Even with all the best furniture and gear in the world, a dark and dingy conference room will never meet the needs of employees and clients. Therefore, lighting should be a priority when designing a conference room. 

If at all possible, choose a space with windows. Natural light is always the best type of light, and large windows make a space feel much larger than it is. 

Sourcing the Conference Room Furniture You Need for Less

Now that you have all the tools you need to design the best conference room that the office has ever seen, you still need a way to source the affordable, high-quality furniture you need. Luckily, Commerce Office Furniture can help you outfit your new conference room from start to finish. 

With a massive selection of both new and used office furniture, we can find you the best equipment for the lowest prices. Whether you need tables, used office chairs, storage solutions, or anything in between, we are here to help. 

In addition to finding the best furniture, we can help you perfect your conference room plan with free CAD layouts! With our detailed 3D modeling, you can see what your new conference room will look like before pulling the trigger to ensure that you like what you see. Click here to contact Commerce Office Furniture today and claim your free CAD layout!