Property and office managers tasked with building a new office (or office redesign), are paying close attention to the latest trends in office furniture. With 2020 kicking off a new decade of style and purpose, they need to know what design themes are in-line with a productive, healthy, and aesthetically desirable office environment.

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Used Office Furniture: Get the Look Without Breaking the Bank

While some office trends are here to stay, such as co-working spaces, other office furniture and layout designs may not stand the test of time. Take a look at several office furniture formats industry leaders predict will be around for a while—and how you can implement them in your office for less.

  • Two employees, a female with blonde hair and male with black hair, sit crossed leg to relax during a work break.Socialization Spaces

Social media isn’t the only social priority of the modern age. In offices, design elements that invite social interaction are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Groupings of couches, side tables, and other casual furniture elements are popping up in various areas of office floor plans—and the more eclectic the better—a uniform look is out. 

Get the Look For Less: To create a social space without skyrocketing your office budget, peruse used reception area couches, chairs, and side tables. At COF, we offer all of the above, including club and captains’ chairs, and round drum reception side tables

  • Privacy Pods

While statistics show that open-office concepts continue to rise, the need for privacy remains. In an effort to help employees maintain anonymity when needed, privacy pods (which resemble old telephone booths) are being erected in sections of open office spaces. 

Get the Look for Less: While the privacy pods look modern and trendy, some may find them a bit claustrophobic. Consider instead, creating a cubicle cluster. For example, we have helped clients cluster four to six used office cubicles in an open-office concept to allow for client phone calls, accounting, and focus when hot-desk seating becomes too noisy and/or distracting. Cubicles offer more room and space, while still providing much-needed privacy.

  • Wellness Wings

With a reported 71% of American workers confessing they feel at least one symptom of stress at their job, more employers are heeding the call of workplace wellness. To help alleviate some of the mental and physical stressors in the office, more and more office managers are creating wellness areas or wings. Here, employees may be able to meditate on a comfy couch, chair, or floor pillow; practice yoga, or play ping pong. There may also be dedicated rooms for nursing mothers or nap stations. 

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Expert Office Furniture Space Planning

If you’re like many office managers who have an extensive to-do list and not nearly enough time, COF offers FREE office furniture space planning. Let our expert designers help you implement the decade’s most forward-thinking and functional design layouts, for significantly less. 

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