Secondhand Office Furniture Can Be the Smartest Choice

Maximizing your organization’s office space shouldn’t mean maxing out your budget. Secondhand office furniture can do as good a job as new of making your space support productivity and welcome everyone who walks through its doors.

But you must choose furnishings that are high quality even though they’re not high-priced. 

Scrolling through Craigslist for used office furniture or accepting free used office furniture castoffs from companies near you might leave you with durable, attractive furnishings. But you might also end up needing to replace your “bargains” sooner than you’d like.

Buying secondhand office furniture from an established used office furniture store or warehouse is a better solution. 

And if your business is in or near Philadelphia, buying from Commerce Office Furniture is the best solution of all. 

Why Should You Buy From a Used Office Furniture Warehouse?

When you buy secondhand office furniture from a reputable seller, you’re enjoying advantages that those who shop Craigslist ads or take hand-me-downs don’t. 

1. Cheap, High-Quality Used Office Furniture

When used office furniture looks cheap, it’s usually cheaply made. 

Employees asked to settle for poor-quality furnishings may wonder how much their employers value them. Customers who see an office making do with cut-rate, low-quality furniture may wonder how seriously it takes its work.

But secondhand office furniture from an established outlet has passed inspection. It’s made of quality material, has minimal or no wear and tear, and is ready to serve for several more years.

At Commerce, our used office furniture warehouse includes items from such high-quality brands as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Teknion, Knoll, Allsteel, and others. You won’t sacrifice quality to get great furniture at a great price.

2. Broad and Continuously Changing Inventory

When choosing a used office furniture store or warehouse near you, ask about inventory turnover. 

How often do they get shipments of secondhand furnishings? From where? If they don’t tell you, their silence may mean they’ve had the same old office desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, and more for a long time.

At Commerce, we offer the largest selection of secondhand office furniture near Philadelphia. Thanks to long-standing partnerships with leading corporations, we regularly receive shipments of furniture from offices that have reorganized, relocated, and downsized.

Our extensive inventory is constantly changing, making us more than able to meet your furniture needs.

3. Pre- and Post-Purchase Services

Craigslist used office furniture ads and offers of furnishings from other workplaces mainly benefit those “unloading” unwanted items. Once you pay your money or haul the stuff away, the transaction is over.

For a quality used office furniture store like Commerce, however, the sale is only the start.

We’ll deliver and install your purchases. We can remove old pieces and leave your workspace in broom-swept condition.

We even offer pre-purchase planning services. Our free CAD layouts help you decide which pieces of secondhand office furniture you need and how best to place them.

Find out how Commerce can help you maximize your office space and your budget. Contact us today for your free CAD layout.