Social Distancing Office Products

Set Your Reopening up for Success: COF Social-Distancing Office Products

In an effort to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, having the appropriate social-distancing office products is paramount. Implementing sneeze guards, desk dividers, panels, and other safety staples will become increasingly important in the ongoing months as businesses resume in-office operations.

At Commerce Office Furniture, we are helping companies of all shapes and sizes prepare for a safe reopening by supplying office products that comply with social-distancing standards and guidelines (including those recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Act, OSHA).

By being proactive in obtaining social-distancing office products, employers, office managers, and human resources personnel are protecting the safety and health of employees, as well as themselves (including future liability issues).

COF remains dedicated to helping our clients navigate the reopening process by providing quality, reliable social-distancing office products.

Protect Your Business with These Social-Distancing Office Products

As precautionary and health-safety measures continue to rise in priority, it’s important to make sure your business is protected. Take a look at our comprehensive inventory of social-distancing office products and how they work. Don’t see something you need? Our COF design team is on hand to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards serve as moveable, free-standing barriers. Often constructed of easy-to-clean acrylic, they come in different heights and widths. Because they are mobile, sneeze guards act as convenient shields that can be used on desks and/or table-top surfaces.

  • Desk Dividers

With varying heights and mounting options, desk dividers provide instant protection. Most desk dividers are designed to fit to both the edges and middles of worksurfaces. And, often, these social-distancing dividers offer a variety of colors from which to choose.

desk dividers - social distancing office products
  • Privacy Wing Panels

Privacy wing panels are designed to pair with many different types of existing office furniture, making them a convenient social-distancing solution for desks, cubicles, and cubicle panel systems. And, in addition to covering the length of a dedicated workspace, these panels typically extend beyond most worksurfaces for added protection and safety. They also come in a variety of height options and can be fixed or moveable, depending on your preference.

privacy wing panels - social distancing office products
  • Workstation Screens

To help provide protection between cubicle workstations, workstation screens can be easily mounted on most existing cubicle panel systems. These screens typically come in clear or frosted acrylic color options making them attractive and easy to clean and disinfect.

workstation screens - social distancing office products
  • Room Dividers

Both attractive and highly-functional, room dividers come in a wide variety of options. They can be both moveable (on wheels), or stationary (with fixed feet). In addition to helping establish appropriate social-distancing parameters, room dividers can boost the aesthetics of a workspace, available in many different colors and styles.

room dividers - social distancing office products
  • Terrace Panels

There are actually several types of terrace panels, which include arced wing, linear wing and full-desk panels. These panels come in a variety of colors and materials with both permanent and removable mounting options. In addition to providing workspace-to-workspace division and protection, terrace panels are often compatible with one another, allowing maximum design capabilities.

terrace panels - social distancing office products
  • Divider Partitions

Whether stationary floor-to-ceiling fixtures to help separate work spaces, or moveable modular walls for temporary social-distancing, divider partitions are available in several different dimensions, materials, and color options.

divider partitions - social distancing office products
  • Countertop Acrylic Shields

Similar to sneeze guards, countertop acrylic shields can be utilized as transparent, protective barriers. They can be permanent or moveable, come in a single sheet or trifold. Employees can safely interact with customers and other employees, separated by a wide, see-through, protective shield.

countertop acrylic shields - social distancing office products

Setting You and Your Business up for Success (and Ultimate Safety)

Companies across the Nation turn to COF for high-quality products and services. For upwards of three decades, we have helped countless businesses fulfill their new and used furniture needs. Our fully-stocked warehouses regularly carry brand names such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, Teknion, and more.

If you would like to learn more about how you can prepare your business for a safe reopen or any of our social-distancing office products, contact us now at 610-650-9950.