An office is full of white modern cubicles.

Collaboration is an integral part of workplace success in any business or industry. It’s well-known that employees who can share ideas, knowledge, and skills are more productive and effective than those who purely work in isolation. 

When most people think of collaboration, cubicles are the last thing that come to mind. However, research shows that cubicles outperform open-office layouts in nearly every respect regarding employee productivity and collaboration. Read on to learn how office cubicle furniture can boost employee performance for less than you would think.

Creating the Option of Privacy

One of the most significant benefits of office cubicle walls compared to open offices is the sense of privacy that they create. In an open-plan office, there are constant distractions in employees’ peripheral vision. 

On the other hand, office cubicle furniture can help block out distractions by creating a semiprivate workspace. With less attention devoted to office ongoings, employees can spend more time achieving their workplace goals. 

Spacial Ownership

Everybody has trinkets and productivity tools that make their work more enjoyable. Be it a picture of their family or a collection of refrigerator magnets from vacation spots, the small things make a big difference in creating a space that feels like your own. With that in mind, “owning” space in the office often makes employees feel more comfortable.

Increased Collaboration

Even though cubicles get a bad rap as the things that inhibit collaboration, the opposite is true in practice, where office cubicle furniture strikes a balance between privacy and interaction. 

When you can’t escape the constant noise and distraction while trying to focus on the work at hand, pent-up frustration is bound to develop. Employees frustrated with each other because of factors outside of their control are less likely to ask each other questions and collaborate on projects. 

When employees want to be isolated and focus on their work, they can sit in their cubicles and work efficiently. When they need to get outside opinions, they can use common areas or meeting rooms to facilitate those conversations. Effectively, office cubicle walls allow employees solidarity while not impeding their ability to collaborate with co-workers. 

Sourcing Affordable Cubicles

While office cubicle furniture is a very effective workplace tool to boost employee productivity and collaboration, quality cubicles with the features and style your office needs are not cheap. 

However, quality office cubicles do not have to be so expensive. Used office cubicles show almost no wear, provide your employees with the features they need, and come in a wide variety of styles to fit any office environment. 

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