Modern office with white walls and plenty of natural light through the wall-to-wall windows.

Employees are the heart and soul of a business and the boots on the ground that handle the vital day-to-day tasks that make a business run. Without them, a company would cease to function at even the most basic level. 

Given the employees importance to a business, employees and employers should attempt to maintain thriving relationships. Better relationships bring more productivity, motivation to come into the office, and generally happier employees. 

While much of the responsibility to maintain employee relationships falls on the business owner or upper management, an office or facilities manager also plays and essential part because they hold the responsibility of creating a comfortable and productivity-inducing work environment. After all, if employees are uncomfortable in the workplace, they will never enjoy working or may even come to resent upper management.

Workplace management can affect employee relationships in many ways, and learning how to remodel the workplace affordably with resale office furniture will help

Better Office Spaces Make Better Relationships

Modern office space with geometric lights and white desks.

Employees who are not comfortable at work may not want to work at the office or for the company. After all, if an employer seems too cheap to make upgrades that would drastically improve an employees quality of life, the chances are the employee would not enjoy working for them. 

As simple as that idea is, employees notice if upper management cares about their comfort and wellbeing. Employees will note if the boss has the newest ergonomic chair and desk setup while the employees still struggle to get by with desks that predate some new hires. On the other hand, offices and management that invest in gear to make their employees comfortable will see their relationships improve. 

Not only will management see gains in their employee morale, but they will also see an increase in productivity. A comfortable work environment means creating a place that helps employees do their job. If an ergonomic chair eliminates back pain, the time previously spent focusing on back pain can go towards work. 

In other words, investing in the workplace can result in positive outcomes for employees, management, and the bottom line. 

How to Create an Optimized Workplace

Though an optimized workplace brings plentiful benefits, creating such a workspace is not easy. To create a workspace that compliments employees’ wants and needs, an employer can keep the following questions in mind: 

  • Do employees have enough room and privacy to make them feel comfortable while keeping them accountable for staying on task?
  • Do employees have the technology and resources they need to perform their jobs?
  • Is any part of their setup hindering productivity? 
  • Was there a discussion with employees about what they want from their office space?

Keeping those questions in mind, there is another hurdle to overcome before making the workplace vision a reality–money. Optimizing a workplace with the furniture employees need can be costly. According to architect Adrian Welch, buying new furniture can cost between $1500 to over $2500 per employee. 

Buying new furniture can quickly become so expensive that management will reject the idea before hearing the benefits. However, there is a solution that enables a company to design the workplace employees need for much less–resale office furniture

With resale office furniture, your business pays a fraction of MSRP for premium furniture from top brands like Herman Miller. By buying used, the workplace can reap all the benefits of new office furniture without the associated price tag. 

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