A white office with individual meeting rooms filled with modern used business furniture.

The physical design of a workplace has a significant impact on employee morale and productivity. Depending on how much thought, effort, and care management puts into creating an office, a workspace can detract from or contribute to employee experience. Read on to learn more about the psychology of workplace design and how used office furniture can create a positive workplace for less than you think. 

The Psychology of Workplace Design

A modern office with exposed wooden beams filled with colorful used business furniture. According to environmental psychology, physical environments drastically affect people’s behavior, emotions, and overall well-being. Therefore, workplace design is a crucial consideration because employees spend significant time in the office. A few ways that workplace design can impact employees include: 

  • Lighting: The amount and type of light employees get during the day can impact their productivity and mood. Dark offices will make people tired, while well-lit spaces will energize them. Natural light is always ideal, but artificial lighting can be a suitable replacement. 
  • Noise: Too much noise can increase stress and decrease productivity. After all, it’s almost impossible to concentrate with numerous conversations happening all around. Therefore, using cubicles or providing employees with noise-canceling headphones are important ways to decrease noise. 
  • Furniture: Poorly designed furniture can take a toll on employees mentally and physically. An incohesive office with random furniture that doesn’t match will make employees feel unorganized. Similarly, a cheap office chair can cause back problems and discomfort over extended periods. 

Used Business Furniture and Employee Morale

Used office furniture can play a significant role in creating a positive work environment and improving employee morale and productivity. Used office furniture has many benefits, including: 

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Used business furniture often costs a fraction of what it did when it was new, even though it still looks and functions like it did when it rolled off the production line. Because it is so much cheaper, used office furniture allows businesses to furnish their workspace without breaking the bank, freeing up funds for other essential areas like employee payroll.
  • Comfort: Because used business furniture is a fraction of its new price, businesses can afford to purchase higher-quality furniture than they otherwise could. With better furniture, employees can work in a more comfortable environment. 
  • Flexibility: Used office furniture comes in various colors and designs to fit any office environment. In addition, businesses can purchase modular furniture that employees and management can rearrange to suit their needs. An office that matches employee work demands will make them happier and more productive. 

Sourcing Used Business Furniture

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