How to find the Best Affordable Corporate Office Furniture

A Productive Workplace Starts with the Right Furniture

 Empty, elegant workplace furnished with wide blue cubicles for employees. Large corporate office space.When it comes to building a corporate office, efficiency and professionalism are paramount. You want a workplace that inspires the best in your employees, and balances a tight floor plan with the privacy to do individual work. This requires smart planning, but it also demands the right furniture for the job. Stylish, sturdy, and well-made corporate office furniture can set the tone for your workplace, whether it’s a modular workstation or an executive office desk

However, this can be easier said than done. For a large company, building an office often means repeating the same designs across different floors, and potentially even different buildings. For new top tier furniture, this can be a considerable strain on the budget. This is especially true with companies of all varieties facing an uncertain financial future

Additionally, new furniture can have a months-long lead time to arrive. Covid has exacerbated the situation, making new office furniture purchases even more of a sink for time and resources. Fortunately, used corporate office furniture from liquidators like Commerce Office Furniture offer incredible benefits to large companies. Here are some of the reasons why investing in used office furniture is the right move for your business.   

Amazing Quality and Savings on Top Ten Office Furniture Manufacturers

Bright, busy, and spacious office, where men and women work at computers in individual cubicles.While it’s a common myth that used office furniture is low quality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When working with a liquidator to design your office, you get access to furniture from Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Kimball, Teknion, Knoll, and many other brands. Even better, used furniture doesn’t mean limited selection. COF has strong relationships with our corporate partners, allowing us to supply a wide range of beautiful, gently-used, premium-quality furniture to your business. 

And, with Commerce Office Furniture, you get to enjoy all the customer service perks of buying new. Elegant websites and complete showrooms add incredible value for buyers looking for the right furniture to design their workspace, and you get the whole package when buying for your office. In addition to our comprehensive online catalog, COF operates a 25,000 square foot warehouse and showroom, giving you the full purchasing experience for pre-owned items.

Modern, Luxury Executive Desks Worthy of a Corner Office

The incredible savings with used office furniture doesn’t only apply to the general office. Managers and executives can enjoy the quality products worthy of their office while also staying financially savvy. A modern executive office desk from Haworth can go for well over a thousand dollars. For models still in production, this type of furniture is regularly 40-50% off! This allows your office to look amazing without exceeding the budget. The fantastic range of COF allows you to access a one-stop shop for all your corporate office furniture needs, without sacrificing quality. 

Professional Support from Experienced Experts

With all the effort of setting up a new office and choosing the right furniture, design can be an overlooked challenge. The best way to make sure an office has good flow and walkspace is creating a plan before the first piece of furniture is even shipped. Still, pre-visualizing a workspace is a big effort, and it is all the harder if you don’t have experienced help. That’s why COF offers free CAD design services, reducing your workload, and ensuring your corporate office’s furniture fits perfectly in the space. 

Commerce Office Furniture also provides expert move consulting and project management. Especially for a major office move-in the process of transporting and situating all the furniture is a massive undertaking. Even with a carefully designed office, following through on the plan requires the right help. With this comprehensive suite of services available to your business, used office furniture is not only the best solution financially and budgetarily, but also logistically.   

Getting the Most Out of Your Home Office

Of course, offices are no longer the sole hub of work. Working from home has seen a meteoric rise, and 26% of Americans are expected to work remotely through 2021. While this may not spell the end of the office away from home, it certainly changes the equation. With this radical upheaval in the way we work, could we be seeing a reduced need for office furniture? The answer is both yes and no.  

While you may not want to place a cubicle in your home office, having a dedicated place to work is highly important psychologically. Being in the right mindspace to work can be highly influenced by the furniture you choose for work. Creating this workspace takes thought and intention, and you don’t want just any table or desk. A used executive desk for your home office can provide a wonderful way to establish your space and organize your tools and materials. Pairing this with a high-quality used office chair can enhance the space even further. 

Your Ideal Office is Waiting. Make it a Reality with Commerce Office Furniture.

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