3 Ways Pre-Owned Cubicles Increase Productivity and Collaboration

In the office layout world, there are two primary schools of thought–those who believe in open offices and those who prefer cubicles. 

Open offices were introduced in the 1960s when people removed their office cubicles and opted for an open, less segmented work environment. The line of thought leading to open offices was that fewer obstructions would increase collaboration. 

Modern office cubicles with gray walls and blue accents next to a window showing a city view.

On the other hand, some believe cubicles offer significant benefits in terms of workplace productivity. They recognize that, while cubicle-style offices may not have as much of a clean and modern aesthetic, the benefits outweigh that cost. 

Both sides of the office layout story can make valid arguments. But, based on numerous studies, we believe the right office cubicles can increase employee productivity and benefit the business more than open office layouts. Read on to learn about three reasons cubicles increase productivity and how to outfit your office for less than you think through pre-owned cubicles.

How do Pre-Owned Office Cubicles Benefit Your Business?

Reduced Noise Levels

Open offices can quickly become very loud and distracting without walls and other substantial furniture to dampen noise. The combined noise can be overwhelming with employees on calls, talking to each other about a new project, or engaging in casual conversation with their family. 

Not only does constant noise distract employees, it also does not reflect professionally to clients on calls. If side conversations are going on in the background that the phone can pick up bits and pieces of, it is hard for clients to feel like they have the full attention of the company representative. 

On the other hand, businesses that invest in office cubicles for their workspace generally see dampened noise levels that increase productivity and reduce distractions. 

Increased Personal Space

Few things are as annoying in the workplace as coworkers who invade your personal space. Everyone has had an experience where a coworker or acquaintance couldn’t pick up on personal space requirements. 

Open office plans fundamentally lack the office furniture to provide employees with personal space. Employees may feel like they are too close to their coworkers or have no way to escape from those who might unknowingly invade their personal space.

Cubicles provide employees with a higher level of privacy than open offices. While you can’t close the door on most cubicles, you still have privacy and a space you can personalize to fit your needs. In fact, personalizing one’s workspace provides workers with a feeling of workplace ownership and increased collaboration, which improves productivity. 

Collaboration is one of the most surprising benefits of cubicles. After all, didn’t companies throw out their office cubicles to foster higher levels of collaboration?

Contrary to the speculations of early open office adopters, removing cubicles decreases collaboration between employees. Multiple studies by Ethan Bernstein showed open office plans reduce interactions between coworkers by 70%. But why do fewer walls lead to fewer interactions?

As it turns out, employees will find ways to create the personal space they need to get work done, regardless of whether or not their employer provides it for them with office furniture. Employees that don’t have cubicles may use noise-canceling headphones to create their bubble. Between cubicles and headphones, cubicles allow for easier interaction between coworkers. 

Sourcing Office Cubicles Cost-Effectively

The benefits of cubicles in the office are hard to argue against. With numerous studies showing their statistically significant impact on employee productivity and happiness, they are certainly worth considering. 

However, premium cubicles that perform, look, and last are not cheap. Office cubicles from top brands like Herman Miller can run into the four digits per employee. With such a high price tag, management may hesitate to pull the trigger on something that could boost their business. 

Thankfully, there is a way for you to find premium office furniture for a fraction of its MSRP: pre-owned cubicles. Pre-owned cubicles from reputable vendors are like new pieces of furniture that provide your business with all the benefits of premium cubicles without the price tag. 

At Commerce Office Furniture, we have a wide selection of pre-owned cubicles that are sure to fit the needs and aesthetic of your workplace. Beyond the furniture itself, we also offer free CAD layout services to help you picture how your new furniture will look in your workplace. If you want to outfit your workplace with premium furniture for less, click here to contact us.