Why Office Managers Shop Philadelphia Furniture Consignment Outlets

Renting office space in and around Philadelphia isn’t as expensive as in some other major U.S. cities like New York or Los Angeles. But at about $27 per square foot in the suburbs to about $36 in Center City, it’s only slightly cheaper than the national average as of this writing.

Buying furnishings from a Philadelphia furniture consignment outlet is one way to save your company money as you re-open or establish an office in the area.

Used conference table and several used chairs on casters, purchased from Philadelphia furniture consignment outlet.

Placing furniture on consignment isn’t just for people looking to clear unwanted chairs and tables from their house, or families hoping to turn Great Aunt Matilda’s antique chest of drawers into cash. 

Companies that are relocating, downsizing, or reorganizing send unneeded desks, cubicles, chairs, cabinets, and more to a used office furniture outlet near them to recoup some of what they paid. When the office furniture warehouse or store sells the items, it sends a check to the consignor.

At Commerce Office Furniture, we’ve been handling used office furniture in Philadelphia and its environs for three decades. We purchase some outright, but consignment arrangements with our corporate partners also account for a large part of the inventory in our 25,000-square foot office furniture warehouse in Montgomery County.

Keep reading for reasons getting what your business needs from an office furniture consignment leader near Philadelphia could be the cost-saving solution you need.

How Used Office Furniture Saves Philadelphia Companies Money

Buying used office furniture near your Philadelphia location could save your business money because a used office furniture warehouse like ours doesn’t charge as much as retailers of brand-new furniture do. The price tags at your local used office furniture outlet don’t pass any extra costs for manufacture, initial shipping, or mark-up on to you.

And even though you’ll be paying less, you don’t have to “settle” for subpar furnishings.

We can’t speak for all Philadelphia-area furniture consignment dealers, but we know we don’t accept items that we think aren’t ready for many more years of productive use. And we are proud to offer office furniture from such leading brands as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and Kimball.

Finally, some used office furniture outlets go above and beyond simply selling you furniture. They help you plan how you’ll place it to maximize the workspace you have. 

At Commerce Office Furniture, we use computer-aided design (CAD) to help you see how the furniture you’re buying contributes to your ideal office space arrangement. We’ll even install your purchases for you.

So whether your business is relocating to a new floor in a downtown Philly skyscraper, signing a new lease in Manayunk, or taking possession of a new building in Bucks County, buying used office furniture that’s on consignment with Commerce can save you money—no matter how much rent per square foot you’re paying.

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