10 Risks of Skimping on Quality Used Office Furniture

Many office managers are pleased to discover the affordability of used office furniture. Yet, with all the money that can be saved from buying used furniture over new, does quality have to be a priority? Yes. This is exactly why office and facilities managers consult with Commerce Office Furniture when purchasing used office furniture in Philadelphia.

Find out why COF is the premier choice for quality used office furniture and what risks you can avoid by consulting with 30-plus-year experts. 

10 Avoidable Risks Associated with Bypassing Quality Used Office Furniture

Understanding the risks of purchasing low quality used office furniture will avert hits to your budget, workforce and more. 

  1. An aerial view of a modern office with employees working on computers at shared desks with natural lighting.Limited Longevity. If you skimp on quality used furniture, you run the risk of housing your office space with items that simply won’t last. You may think you’re saving money, however, purchasing new, low-quality furniture over brand-name, used office furniture, will only require replacement sooner.
  2. Unattractive Selection. Lack of quality can at times translate to a hodge-podge or limited selection of attractive furniture. In this case “less is more,” doesn’t mean better. A full-scale warehouse of quality furniture increases the opportunity for aesthetically desirable used furniture items.
  3. Restricted Warranty. Even if used furniture doesn’t come with an official warranty, going through a reputable, trustworthy, and expert source is an unofficial warranty of sorts. You’ll be able to ensure a wide selection of quality products to choose from and lasting furniture for affordable prices. 
  4. Sparse Inventory. If the furniture offerings are not quality, trusted brand names, you may also anticipate a dwindled inventory from which to choose as well. 
  5. Unreliable Assistance. Quality used office furniture often hints to quality products and services overall. Typically, commercial used furniture outlets will also provide delivery and installation services, FREE space planning, and more.
  6. Questionable ROI. When purchasing cheap office furniture rather then quality used office furniture, you may never receive a return on your investment. In fact, you may spend more when you’re forced to replace the furniture that falls apart. 
  7. Uncomfortable Materials. Lack of quality can translate to not only unattractive but uncomfortable furniture! If the furniture is poorly made — you can often feel it — literally!
  8. Diminished Brand. As much as you may like to think that you can’t determine whether office furniture is quality (or not), many people can. And, it will reflect on the brand of your business. 
  9. Disgruntled Employees. No one wants to sit at a desk that routinely produces splinters or a chair that causes back pain! Poorly constructed office furniture can do that (and more).
  10. Shattered Budget. Saving on the front end by purchasing cheap office furniture, can easily blow a budget. In addition, the savings are often minimal. Sooner than later, replacement furniture will need to be purchased. Do it right the first time by investing in quality, brand name office furniture!

There is a reason COF is the trusted source for used office furniture Norristown PA office managers choose! Offering customers a 25,000 square foot warehouse and showroom stocked full of quality used office furniture significantly reduces the 10 risks listed above (and others)! 

We routinely carry brand name used office furniture such as Knoll, Tenkinon, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball and more. We also offer full-service space planning with professional CAD design and layout, professional delivery and installation, expert move consulting, and project management.  

Searching for “used office furniture near me?” Your search is over! To consult with the experts in quality used office furniture, schedule a consultation now or call us today at 610-650-9950.