Cubicles for Offices Don’t Have To Be Soul-Crushing!

Popular culture often mocks and maligns cubicles for offices. As Peter in Office Space (1999) laments, “Human beings weren’t meant to sit in little cubicles, staring at computer screens all day.”

At Commerce Office Furniture, we agree there’s more to life than work! But when you want to make employees’ time in your office workspace pleasant and positive, cubicles offer several advantages.

The Office Cubicle: Definition and Types

Cubicles are small, partitioned spaces within an office. The word itself derives from the Latin “cubiculum,” or “bedroom”—and more than one jokester makes cracks about catching shut-eye in cubicles!

Cubicles for offices give employees a dedicated, relatively quiet workspace where they can concentrate on tasks without constant interruptions. Yet cubicles also encourage easy communication and collaboration. Office cubicle walls or partitions don’t completely isolate people from each other as individual office walls and doors do.

Cubicles come in several types, including:

Panel-attached Cubicles

Panel-attached (panel-mounted) cubicles connect to walls or other existing structures. They are common in open office environments, as they balance open collaboration and individual productivity.

Freestanding Cubicles

Freestanding (standalone) cubicles are unconnected to neighboring workspaces. Standalone cubicles are popular in offices that prioritize individual work but also encourage interaction between office workers.

Low-Wall Cubicles

These units feature shorter office cubicle walls, usually 3-4 feet tall. Employees can easily communicate with colleagues while still enjoying some degree of personal space.

Transparent Cubicles

Transparent cubicles allow natural light to flow through the office and give occupants clear views of their surroundings. They can make a workspace feel more vibrant and inspiring.

Acoustic Cubicles

Acoustic cubicles are made of thick, sound-absorbing material that reduces noise from outside sources. They are great for workers whose jobs involve frequent or lengthy phone calls and video conferences.

Collaborative Cubicles

Collaborative cubicles put teamwork front and center. They feature larger work surfaces and additional seating options to accommodate group work.

Cubicles Are a Cost-Effective, Customizable Option

Cubicles offer significant savings over building private offices or installing permanent walls. Because they’re designed to be durable, they can save companies money on frequent replacements or repairs.

They also sometimes save money by eliminating the need to buy extra storage furniture. Office cubicle accessories such as built-in filing cabinets, overhead storage compartments, and customizable desk organizers provide space for employees to keep essential items and belongings within arm’s reach.

In addition, individuals can choose office cubicle decor to customize their workspace. Such personal but tasteful items as framed photos, artwork, or small plants can help keep workers comfortable, motivated, and productive.

Save Money and Increase Flexibility With Commerce Used Cubicles

No, human beings shouldn’t be in cubicles all the time. But modern cubicles for offices don’t have to be the soul-crushing containers in movies like Office Space.
They also don’t have to break your company’s budget.

Choosing used cubicles from Commerce Office Furniture can save your company money. We offer a wide range of high-quality cubicles from such leading manufacturers as Teknion, Knoll, Allsteel, Herman Miller, and more.

In addition, we’ll help you take greater advantage of the flexible office layout options cubicles provide. Contact Commerce Office Furniture today to get your free CAD layout.