Innovative Application and Conceptualization of Used Office Furniture Liquidation

There has never been a better time to take advantage of used office furniture liquidation. Why? The answer resides with a new generation of employees–the millennials. It’s projected that, by 2020, millennial workers will comprise half of the global workforce. With more millennial-mindset employee trends taking precedence, shared workspace is one aspect of office design brokers and leasing agents may want to set their sights on. Large quantities of used furniture, plus creative ergonomics, equals plenty of options for a new (literal) lease on use of office space.

Innovative Application and Conceptualization of Used Office Furniture Liquidation

The U.S. office space market continues to rise as the economy recovers. In fact, according to JLL, office occupancy is currently the highest in growth since 2015. And, while this is surely good news for developers, brokers, and leasing agents, it’s also going to present unique challenges in the way office space is viewed and occupied. This brings us back to the millennial workforce.

With a growing push toward collective workspace and ergonomic office design, used office furniture liquidation is and will continue to be a smart move for leasing agents, facilities managers, and liquidation managers. Here are some reasons why:

  • A More Cost-Effective Solution
    If a tenant is not out of an office building on time, a daily fee is incurred. Liquidation of office furniture prior to the “move out” date will eliminate unnecessary costs for the tenant. The used office furniture can later be parcelled to and perfectly suited to a collaborative workspace environment.
  • No Sitting Ducks, No Profits Lost
    Although statistics point to an upturn in office commercial space, there are office buildings that will remain vacant longer than a facilities manager would hope. Used office furniture liquidation is a perfect solution for a leasing agent who doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for a tenant but is willing to host a shared work environment. If you build it, they will come. With furniture in place, individual entrepreneurs and small businesses are on the way.
  • Ergonomic and Eclectic Accommodation
    While millennials appreciate ergonomic design, with unique elements in lighting and incorporation of technological convenience, they also lean toward an eclectic work preference. Used furniture satisfies both.

It’s important to note while millennials will assuredly impact the way office space is conceptualized, so will entrepreneurs.

According to Entrepreneur, the U.S. houses 555,000 new entrepreneurs per month. Not surprisingly, many of these entrepreneurs are owners of small businesses. As these small businesses grow exponentially in manpower, space is eventually needed and to keep costs in-line, collaborative workspace is often a good fit. If used furniture is in place, it’s an even better scenario.

The Future of Office Furniture

At Commerce Office Furniture, we understand the intricacies involved with used office furniture liquidation. We are here to help eliminate pain-points, while also helping to creatively accommodate unique office space requirements.

Our clients can always count our accessibility, on-time delivery, and impeccable customer service.

If you’d like to begin a discussion involving used office furniture liquidation or have any questions regarding used or new furniture, we’d love to speak with you today. Please call (610) 650-9950.


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