No Scavenging in Your Hunt for Resale Office Furniture

Many people have had an opportunity to partake in a scavenger hunt at some point in their lifetime. Typically, during a scavenger hunt, you are provided a list of items to collect (from neighbors, or shopping), and whoever finds the most things the quickest wins! When facilities and office managers are tasked with a resale office furniture scavenger hunt, it may not feel like “winning.” After all, while you likely do need to find office furniture quickly, it also needs to be affordable—and in good condition. Where on earth (or Philly), are you supposed to do that?

As it turns out, whether office and facilities managers search for used office furniture in the Philadelphia suburbs, used office furniture in Norristown, PA, or simply used office furniture near me, they find a solution. Commerce Office Furniture (COF) has all the resale office furniture needed, and it doesn’t even have to be scavenged.

Ready, Set, Go…And, Find Used Office Furniture for Sale Near Me

A modern, light, airy office with matching resale office furniture. Scavenger hunts are often fun, but being on a deadline and budget, might not be so enjoyable for an overwhelmed office manager told to furnish an entire office. At COF, we strive to help make the process as seamless and convenient as possible. Part of why local businesses of all shapes and sizes choose us for used office furniture in NJ and PA is because we have a regular well-stocked inventory of resale office furniture, which includes:

  • Used cubicles
  • Used desks
  • Used conference tables
  • Used seating (including desk and reception area chairs)
  • Used bookshelves, filing systems, and other types of storage
  • And much, much more

In addition to offering our clients a wide variety of quality used furniture, we carry brand names, which include:

  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • Haworth
  • Kimball
  • Knoll
  • Teknion
  • Bernhardt

Having not only an ample selection of resale furniture from which to choose but also brand names that cost a fraction of what they would brand new, helps assure office and facilities managers that their time shopping will be well spent.

Adding the Convenience of Free Space Planning

Yet another assignment that busy office managers do not have time for—space planning. That’s why our COF experts offer FREE CAD design and installation services. Our job and pleasure is to help make integrating quality, affordable used office furniture into your space as easy and stress-free as possible.

Take advantage of the many benefits COF has to offer by scheduling a consultation now. Call us today at 610-650-9950.