5 Reasons to Choose Used Office Furniture

Are you willing to spend 10% of your budget on new office furniture? Startups should expect to pay that much, says Nerd Wallet. According to architect Adrian Welch, startups should budget $1,500-$2,500 per employee for furnishings. Even for established companies, buying new desks, chairs, tables, and cubicles can get expensive. Alternatively, choosing used office furniture can reduce this business expense – and a lower price tag is only one of several reasons to go with used furniture. 

Commerce Office Furniture offers the largest selection of used office furniture in the Philadelphia region. We invite you to consider the following business benefits of choosing used office furniture for your new workspace.

When You Should Buy from a Used Office Furniture Warehouse

Used office furniture—chairs, work tables, and partitions—fill a loft office with large windows and an open floor plan.Buying from a used office furniture warehouse near you can make better sense than buying brand-new…

  • When You Want to Save Money.

    Second hand office furniture sells for a fraction of its retail price. This rule holds even for pieces with no or minimal wear and tear from previous use. The original purchaser has already paid for the materials, transportation from the manufacturer, and the original retailer’s markup.
  • When You Want to Save Time.

    Purchasing used office furniture near your business reduces shipping distance and the time you spend waiting. Suppliers who strive to go above and beyond also offer installation services, saving you even more time. Lastly, since pre-owned furnishings are already assembled, you’ll avoid the time sink and even frustration of installing it yourself.
  • When You Want to Balance Quality and Affordability.

    “Cheap” used office furniture doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low quality. Reputable retailers will offer a broad range of furniture from various respected manufacturers. You can save money on leading office furniture brands such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Teknion, and Allsteel.
  • When You Want to Customize Your Office Furnishings.

Sure, you could repaint or remodel brand-new furniture to fit your office’s design scheme or space limitations. But when you’ve spent less on pre-owned furnishings, you’ll feel more flexibility to alter your purchases if needed. 

  • When You Want to Cut Down on Environmental Waste.

Buying used office furniture is an easy way for your business to help reduce environmental waste. By “recycling” pre-owned furniture, you’re not contributing to the millions of tons of furniture thrown in the landfill annually. 

Commerce Can Help Plan and Meet Your Used Furniture Needs

For three decades, Commerce has offered the most extensive selection of name-brand used office furniture in the greater Philadelphia area. 

Our 25,000-square foot warehouse and showroom house high-quality, pre-owned office furniture from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball and other respected brands—all at budget-friendly prices.

Our corporate partner network means we’re continually getting stock from offices that have relocated, reorganized, or downsized.

Beyond installing your used office furniture purchases, we also provide professional planning services to best organize your new workspace. 

Want to explore how to arrange your new office without any commitments? Get your FREE CAD layout from our team by contacting us today.