Seven Ways You Know a Used Office Furniture Store Isn’t a Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are cool! The Jurassic Park franchise proves it. But when it comes to shopping at a used office furniture store, the idea of a warehouse full of extinct furniture isn’t so awesome. When office managers search for used office furniture in PA they most often seek modern, quality, and reliable products and services. 

When vetting an office furniture warehouse, how do you ensure it doesn’t consist of the dinosaurs of furniture? At Commerce Office Furniture, we carry a wide variety of quality, brand-name furniture. And, we offer our clients FREE space planning. The only dinosaurs we want to introduce you to are those on the big screen and history books!

Seven Signs That COF Is NOT an Outdated Used Office Furniture Store 

Not only is the infamous T-Rex (thankfully) extinct, it has a reputation for being aggressive and let’s face it—unattractive. At COF, not only do we offer the finest, most diverse used office furniture in Norristown PA, our sales approach is also very friendly and dependable. 

Take a look at seven indications that a used office furniture store is up to modern standards. 

  • More Choices

Some used office furniture stores only offer a limited selection. At COF, you can choose from a wide variety of used office cubicles, desks, chairs, reception areas, bookshelves, and more.

  • Brand Names

The misnomer about used furniture stores often involves poor-selection and quality. We routinely carry Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion.

  • Relevant Options

Used doesn’t, and shouldn’t, equate to old, compromised quality, or extinction! In fact, any nationally-recognized used furniture purveyor should offer modern, clean, and relevant used furniture options

  • Convenient Delivery

Office managers are low on time. Not having the option for furniture delivery adds one more item for them to facilitate. A modern used furniture provider ups its clout by offering delivery and installation options. 

  • FREE Space Planning

COF is proud to provide FREE space planning to help ensure that office spaces don’t end up looking prehistoric. Our design specialists rise to the occasion of designing the perfect office environment. 

  • Extensive Partnerships

When office furniture stores have unique partnerships, such as those COF has with corporate businesses who are relocating, downsizing, and re-organizing, it ensures a steady flow of quality, brand-name used office furniture inventory. 

  • Affordable Selection

With a 25,000 square-foot warehouse and showroom full of used office furniture from cubicles and desks to chairs and bookshelves, COF can offer clients affordable pricing on a wide selection of brand-name used furniture. 

The Modern Era of Used Office Furniture

At COF, we have 30 years of experience in providing the largest inventory of used office furniture from the brand names office managers trust. In addition to helping you find used office furniture that fits the functionality and aesthetic needs of your space, we stay informed of the latest design and decor trends. Whether you’re interested in how to implement hot-desk seating an inviting reception area, or other newer office layout ideas, COF has the expertise you need. 

To get started schedule a consultation now or call us today at 610-650-9950.