Why Move Consultants Choose COF for Office Cubicles

Move consultants can be the ultimate ushers of serenity in what can be an overwhelming and unnerving process… relocation! They help reduce stress by offering systematic, cost-saving, and organizational strategies. When move consultants in Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey are tasked with helping a client with office cubicle design and layout, they turn to Commerce Office Furniture!

COF has been helping local move consultants and companies save time, money, and more— for three-plus decades. Our selection of brand-name used office cubicles is plentiful, as is the knowledge of our modern office cubicles design experts!

Three Ways COF Helps Companies Create Affordable, Contemporary Cubicle Design 

First-rate move consultants advocate for clients to get quality furniture at affordable prices whenever possible. At COF, we pride ourselves on helping make relocation, redesign, and any furniture-purchasing experience seamless. 

Take a look at three reasons why move consultants and businesses choose COF for start-to-finish furniture buying, moving, design, and more. 

  • An airy, light modern office shows a comfy seating area with couches surrounded by office workstation cubicles.One of the Largest Selections of Brand-Name Preowned Cubicles 

COF is proud to provide one of the largest selections of used cubicles. We routinely carry upwards of six major cubicle manufacturers, which include Teknion, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Hawthorn, and Knoll. 

Being able to offer nationally-recognized brand names demonstrates our commitment to offering high-quality products at affordable prices. 

  • A Comprehensive Knowledge of Market Preference and Demand

COF understands the value and importance of staying connected and informed of the latest trends and demands in the corporate furniture marketplace. For example, our designers are aware that more and more studies reveal that there are problems associated with open-plan office spaces.

To help accommodate the need for privacy, we may suggest that our clients choose office cubicles with doors or used cubicle desks with specialized panels. One of our tallest privacy-height panels measures 65 inches. We also offer 53 and 42 inch high panels. 

  • The Added Value of FREE Furniture Space Planning

In addition to remaining knowledgeable about current product trends and demands, COF design experts stay alert on the latest office-space designs and layouts. We’ve helped design countless offices for businesses, including corporate buildings, B2B offices, small business work environments, and more. 

By extending FREE furniture space planning, we’ve been able to help clients establish functional, productive, and contemporary office layouts. Office workstations cubicles and cubicle clusters are a primary example. To help achieve privacy, while balancing the need for collaboration and connectivity, grouping modern office cubicles by department or project has made cubicle clusters and cubicle workstations popular options for cutting-edge office environments. 

More Ways to Maximize Efficiency

COF’s free space planning and product/design expertise are not the only services that both move consultants and companies appreciate. We also have professional delivery and installation. 

And, our 25,000 square-foot-warehouse and showroom maintains a steady and continuous stream of brand-name, preowned used office furniture. We carry used office desks, reception-area staples, chairs, conference tables, and more (in addition to used office cubicles). 

To get started, schedule a consultation now or call us today at 610-650-9950.