Stand up for Your Health! Opt for Used Office Desk Furniture

Why Choose Used Office Desk Furniture Over a New Trend?

The big buzz in office ergonomics as of late is the “standing desk” and “sit-to-stand desk.” While the former encourages standing only, the latter adjusts to allow for both sitting and standing. Before ditching your current desk in favor of what you believe is a better health option at an affordable cost, stand ready to learn the true facts behind this latest trend. In the end, you may want to keep your desk, or consider used office desk furniture that’s friendlier towards your back and budget.

Why Choose Used Office Desk Furniture Over a New Trend?

Used Office Desk FurnitureMuch like many fads over time, newer does not always prove to be the better option. More often than not, some trends like chalkboard paint on office walls and books with spines toward the shelf instead of facing out simply get tired. In the case of standing desks, however, there’s something even more worrisome to consider, beyond simply tiring of the aesthetics. Standing desks could be physically tiring and straining your body.

Several recent publications illuminate are uluminating the fact that standing too long can negatively impact the body by:

  • Putting pressure on the lower back and limbs
  • Causing swelling of the veins (which is detrimental to the heart)
  • Compressing cartilage in the knees, hips, and balls of the feet
  • Increasing the probability of developing carpal tunnel and problems of the wrist
  • Straining the overall circulatory system

So the answer to why should you choose used office desk furniture over these new well-intentioned, albeit haphazard trends is that you can get more for your health and money! Before we launch into cost savings, let’s not depart from the sit-to-stand desk phenomenon just yet.

As previously mentioned, desks designed for standing really were created with positive motives. It was hoped by many that standing desks would encourage and combat some of the alternately negative issues that come with more sedentary types of work. Employees forced to stand won’t struggle with some of the back aches and lethargy experienced by those who sit for long periods of time. That may have been initially true, but now it seems there are as many risks of a sit-to-stand desk option as there are for a desk designed for sitting.

You can Still Get Moving with a Sitting Desk! And it May Cost You Less

With any new trend, you may find that opting for a standing or sit-to-stand desk isn’t anymore cost effective than a sitting desk. In fact, purchasing used office desk furniture, in addition to saving you more than a brand new desk would allow, can help you use your funds towards other solutions to promote positive health.

Ergonomics specialists suggest that it’s more beneficial to pay attention to the way office items are placed on your desk, as well as the positioning of your chair in relation to your desk, to support optimum health at work. Here’s a few tips to consider:

  • Select an adjustable chair that enables your feet to rest flat on the floor or a footrest. Make sure it’s in a position that allows your arms to gently rest on the desk so that your shoulders are relaxed.
  • Keep your keyboard close by. Your hands should be just slightly below the level of your elbows.
  • Consider placing a footrest under your desk if you can’t rest your feet flat to the floor.
  • Place some type of cushioning at the edge of your desk to provide extra comfort for your wrists.
  • Make sure the top of your computer monitor screen is directly (or a little below) eye level.

In addition to optimizing your space for better body posture, don’t forget to take intermittent breaks. Taking small breaks throughout the day will give your mind and body a break and force you to move, rather than remaining standing or sitting for an extended length of time.

Now, about that budget. Often used desks, especially those in Commerce Office Furniture inventory, are like brand new. So, while you get a beautiful desk for a fraction of the cost, you now have money to take those yoga, racquetball, and Salsa classes (for your health of course!). You can now probably also afford one of those eronomically enticing chairs your coworker has.

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